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Ingrid stories and reflections about films and movies.
Ingrid Pitt in Rome

Ingrid Takes Time Out from Filming

The Omegans
How Ingrid came to be filming 'The Omegans' in the Philippines.

The Story of Hammer Films
The story of Hammer Films - told by one of Hammer's greatest icons, Ingrid Pitt.

Ken Russell
The infamous Ken Russell, Ingrid Pitt, a bottle of wine and a host of out of work Opera Singers as waiters and what have you got....?

More Ken Russell
There's no need for probing questions when Ken Russell's around. He has an exciting story to tell and he means to tell it.

And Even More Ken Russell
Ken thinks John the Baptist is a Horror story. He didn't know about Ingrid's book, Annul Domini, due out in 2012. (See

50 Sexiest Horror Film Women
American magazine Femme Fatales tried to sort out the 50 sexiest women in Horror films. Ingrid came in at number three. She wasn't amused by their choice so was given her say in the delicate matter of discrimination.

James Bond
Impeccable 'pecs' but just not James Bond, however shaken or stirred.

I made Freddy Krueger
The Belgium Film Festival is everything a Film Festival should be. Plenty of films, some great guests, fantastic food and a murderous Palm tree.

I promised I would play the old Countess Dracula if it was ever re-made - sans make-up. I nearly got the chance on Minotaur on a cold winter's day in Luxemburg.

Wild Geese 2
Not the happiest of films. Richard Burton died and I had a premature detonation.

Hurrah for St. Trinians!
Ronald Searle took his mind off his problems in the Japanese Prisoner of War camp at Changi by sketching the trial and tribulations of the authorities trying to bring civilization to the rampant inmates of St. Trinians School For Girls. It paid big dividends after the war.

The Fifties Bonanza
The 'fifies was one of the best times for exploration of what could be achieved on celluloid. As the world recovered from war the Studios became more and more adventurous. What they laid down in the 'fifties still has resonance today.

The Films That Went To War
Films during the 40's reflected a mood of optimism rather than reality - but there were a few movies aimed at titillation.

The Writings of Ingrid Pitt