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Welcome to the Ingrid Pitt Archive

Stories, anecdotes, opinions and rants from the writings and extraordinary life of Ingrid Pitt.

Best known as one of the greatest icons of horror cinema, there was much more to Ingrid Pitt than her appearances as Countess Dracula and other horror characters.

Ingrid appeared in many other films outside the horror genre, and was an accomplished writer and story-teller, with several successful books to her name.

  • Motor Racing Stories
  • Motor Racing Stories
  • Motor Racing Stories
  • Motor Racing Stories

Ingrid wrote regular columns in a variety of magazines for many years, commenting on all aspects of human life from politics, through sport, to the best way to cook a tarte tatin without getting it all over your feet.

She had her own sometimes wacky, often pertinent, views on life, and was equally at home discussing the views and foibles of English Cricket in The Cricketer or describing her adventures on her frequent trips around the world in Motoring and Leisure.

Ingrid was a leading columnist for the now defunct horror magazine, Shivers. She always claimed that she was the reason for its demise.

Ingrid also had columns in Starlog, a SciFi magazine, QuickSilver, a life style magazine, Micro Mart, in which she pointed out how much time she wasted trying to get her computer to come to heel, Model and Collectors Mart, all about the fascination of collecting other people's rubbish, and Den of Geek - an e-magazine which covered any subject she had an often outrageous opinion about.

Ingrid also contributed articles to the Motor Racing based website

IngridPitt.Net recalls her most outstanding columns and articles, some of which may have escaped your attention, including the Obituary she was asked to write for herself by an American Newspaper.

Articles are loosely categorised, and many are original drafts, complete with typos, in their glorious, pre sub-edited state, but that's all part of the fun.

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The Writings of Ingrid Pitt